New Disney/Pixar Digital 3D Movies


Those of you with kids, have you checked one out yet? I went today with my boy to watch Ice Age... Man the 3D is outstanding... It's really hard to discribe... no more red and blue glasses, and no eye strain... You guys with kids should check it out...perfect thing to do when it rains out and you can't ride your beast... :thumbsup:


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I saw UP in 3D. I wish all movies were 3D now. It's a fantastic enhancement to movie theater shows. Wait until AVATAR in 3D in December!!! Should set a new standard


I saw UP in 3D. I wish all movies were 3D now. It's a fantastic enhancement to movie theater shows. Wait until AVATAR in 3D in December!!! Should set a new standard
Yes,yes! This movie should be sick! I'm sure James Cameron spared no expense.


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I saw Ice Age 3D this weekend, too. Excellent!

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I got to see a really 3d show this weekend... it was called "going outside" :rofl:

but yea, the new polarized 3d blows the doors off the colored glasses thing.. :)

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Al Gore....
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