New Convert ?


My boys have a friend that basically spends more time at our house than he does his.
He rides a zx 600r, an 08, my boys ride SV 650's.
He was over last nite loading their bikes for a trip to So Oregon and during a lull in his activities I told him the key was in the Busa, take it for a spin.
His mouth dropped and he said for real?
He took the bike out, did one of our short routes, about 30 minutes or so and came back shaking his head and muttering, bad idea, bad idea.....
He now believes firmly that a Busa has to be his next bike.....
I love making believers out of young bucks that believe the full on sport bike is the only way to go.....


Foghoon Leghoon
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Bad idea indeed! He will now be hanging around drooling like Pavlov's dog wanting to get his "BUSA FIX" on your bike.:laugh:


There is indeed a method to the madness....i tried to explain to my wife that i would rather see them on a Busa than a "hyper" sportbike, cause they both are looking at Gix 750's or 1000's.
To me the BUSA just makes more sense as you already know you have the fastest and you don't have to prove anything and also you can get the same twisty speeds an thrills without all the personal energy.
I traded my Gix 750 and my B1250 for this Busa and just kicking myself for not doing so many years and bikes ago.

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