New Chapter of Borinqueeners MC in Austin, TX.. Anyone interested?


So I was just recruited to join the new chapter of the Borinqueneers MC in Austin, TX. I am the only sportbike (08 Busa) in the group so far, and would like to see if anyone here that is in the Austin area might be interested. To give you a little background on the group, they are a tribute to the Puerto Rican 65th Infantry Regiment which fought in the Korean war, the only all-Hispanic unit in the history of the U.S. Army. From what I have been told the regiment was not only comprised of Puerto Rican, but other Hispanic nationalities as well. The Motorcycle club is also not just for Puerto Ricans or Hispanics, it is for anyone that wants to pay tribute to this group and enjoys to ride and family get togethers. Anyhow, because they are new here in Austin I am trying to help spread the word about them to see if anyone else might be interested in joining. As I mentioned before, I am the only member with a sportbike, so I would like to get more sportbikes involved, more Busas would be the best, lol. If anyone is interested, send me a PM or you can email me directly at Here are some links with info on the 65th, and other chapters around TX and the founding Chapter in CT.
home page | Borinqueneers
Borinqueneers SA - home
Borinqueneers Motorcycle Club of CT

Thanks a bunch!


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Id ride with ya Boriqua...but I'm in Maryland meng:laugh::laugh:
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