New chain


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Need a new chain soon, adjusted allmost all the way out. What have ya'll been using? And how many miles went by before it was time to change??? I have about 7K on the stock chain.
Wish I could help but with 700 miles I can't

Maybe try one of those low friction X-ring chains? I see lots 'o ads for 'em.
I'm just about to get a new chain as i'm almost at the end of adjusment and it has a tight spot. 17000 miles up.
most people I know have changed their chains between 15000 to 18000 miles.
Busa 530 ek zvx (Gold) they are the best. About $ 150.00 ship($10)
Thanx for the info guys. I keep it well lubed, but wonder why its stretched allready? I do love to crack it open for short bursts and short wheelies... ya think?


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The stock chain on a bike such as the busa is the best for several reasons. One, there is no master link and no circlip holding it together. Two,  if the bike is stock geared there is very little chance of a link breaking or the chain breaking. Three, It is the exact size ( number of links) that the bike needs, no need to cut or fool around. Four,  an OEM chain like this is really tested to withstand the a-busa. Five, it is reasonable price for this level of quality. On other bikes with less torque it is not an issue, I would never put on a chain with  a masterlink/circlip on a bike with this much power .