New chain and rear sprocket!


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Well, got on the PM i guess it was wednesday of last week, got a hold of charles over there at Street n Track. Picked up a brand new 40t rear sprocket and EK ZZZ 530 chain (silver) for a good price TMD.

With all the different posts on the boards, i went ahead and picked up the MotionPro Jumbo chain tool as well....

Package arrived at about 10:30 this AM, spent the rest of the day installin the new sprocket and chain. Let me tell ya, once u get the hand of that MotionPro tool, it sure does make life alot easier. Was a bit nervous routing the chain thru to the front sprocket, but i just used a plastic zip-tie and it went smoothe.

Didnt get any pic's of this one, figure everyone has seen it done a few times now. Oh yeah, this was my first chain to swap out too. Got her out for a little run just to warm up the chain a bit and everything is runnin smooth!! other chain was so stretched it was startin to get a little jerky.


Thanks for posting- ordered my parts today elsewhere and just got on to research tool to buy. Judging by the (high) price and fact that none of my friends have one, the Motion Pro will be like M&Ms making me too many "friends."

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