new busa


how far down do you think i could bring the price at a dealership without being unreasonable. The MSRP is $11,099 do you think i could bring it down to $9,000 or so or is that unreasonable.


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I wish you luck, but I feel more like $10,000 plus tax is more in the ballpark. Who knows, with '07 on the floor in a few you can deal on '06 models.


I've seen 06 Brand New Busa's as low as $9499 Out the Door.
If you can wait until the end of the year, you might be able to get a super deal... I'm sure dealers are trying to move out all remaining 06 to make room for the 'mystery' 07 Busa.

Good luck brother.


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Where do you live? I'll sell my 06!!!!

Nah! I guess I'm lucky enough (w/ the rest of the org members) to have a Busa already and can wait (while riding a busa) for the next gen bike to emerge....

I think you should wait to see what 07 brings because it's so late in the year...

And spending a few extra k for a new/improved busa would be worth it IF they actually do change the bike for 07. If not.... grab an 06. But you should wait and see what happens for 07 first. That's just what I'd suggest.


i got my le k6 for $9000 strait T.T.L. but my father inlaw new the guy so im not sure. but if can get one under 10,000 go for it.


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Well - cost is about $9350 for an '06. Add $100 to the cost for an LE.
Dont see any dealers giving them away cheaper then that.
Some people say BS figures to try and win the "top that" game via the internet. Love to see they're actual PO. Remember - many on the internet are full of ****.

Look - any deal under MSRP +ttl is a deal. Period. So lets stop the charade about who got the best deal.

Oh and the 'mystery' for '07 is BNG. As far as I have been told by Suzuki employees themselves.



depends where you are located, and what bikes they have left, if you get lucky enough to find a dealer that just wants to get rid of it you should be at 9400 out the door, if you are in an area they are hard to get cause the 1 dealer for 100 miles only gets 4 a year you might pay more!

Good luck, definatly do not pay the msrp!