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Last week I mentioned that I had a problem with my speedo. It turns out that the sprocket cover to which the speedo sensor is attached cracked. At first I thought it might be heat-related, but after further inspection, the hex-head bolt and wierd square nut affair had worked it's way out, and cracked the cover from the inside.

Here's the warning: When I took it to the dealer, he said that mine was the 2nd or 3rd Busa and he's seen it on about 50 other type of Suzukis. I guess they didn't torque them down properly at the factory, and apparently the dealer doesn't check it as part of the setup.

If the cracked case had made contact with the chain/sprocket while I was riding, that could have been nasty!

Be careful.
good warning. I changed my front sprocket with 2000miles on her... the bolts were tight, so maybe just a particular batch has the problem. Do the Japanese get hangovers?? Maybe the old tale of not buying a car that was built on a Monday or Friday can be applied here......
What is your Speedo problem? I have noticed mine is jerky lately, never saw that before... hmmmmmmm???
What year Busa do you have tha suffered this problem?
Sorry, I should have said that my bike is a 2003, although I do see some 2002 Busas still in the dealerships. I'm not exactly sure what's entailed in checking this (taking off the left fairing, and the cover), but at the very least it might save you some $$$ or even some skin.
GRRRR, WHAT WAS THE SPEEDO PROBLEM, please! I am worried about mine with the herky jerky speedo issue...


My speedo wasn't working at all was the indication that something was wrong. When turning on the ignition the gauge would bounce, but at speed the speedo read '0'.