New Busa trade deal with a extra goodie!


Willing to trade 2002 Limited edition Black Falcon Hayabusa title for title for a Yamaha Road Warrior or a Honda 1800VTX. View bike on amd I am going to paste a picture of the additional goodie I am throwing in to make the deal unbeatable below. If you notice it is sittling beside my big Black beauty. The is a site I started to develop but put it on hold. I have $14,000.00 in my bike (documented) I will trade heads up if your warrior or VTX is mint condition and preferably with several mods. I can give unlimited refrences of the quality of bike and will allow full inspection of my bike. I just need a cruiser. I am 355 pounds and my back is hurting a little bit.

7 months Factory Warranty Left
Clear Front Turns
Polished Adjustable Laser Triple Clamp
Polished Adjustable rear dogbones
Zeon Headlights
16 tooth Sprocket Speciaties Front Sprocket
Extreme Graphics Rear undertail with LED
Custom Busa Valve Caps
Only run pure 10*40 Oil Every 500 no Synt
6 inch extentions bolt on.
Comes with 150 Link RK Chain for ext.
Chrome Cush Drive
Chrome Wheels
Chrome Rotors
Yoshimura Full Race carbon fiber exhaust.
5 miles on new Bridgestone 010
Tank Bra with BUSA logo
NIKKO G-Pack Timing Advance
Set up for air shifter hookup
Decided to sell after I installed shifter
Factory Exhaust system 2 minutes on it.
Factory rear pegs
Factory Rear Grab Bar
Factory reflectors
Factory 17 tooth Sprocket
Currently 4800 miles
Bought new in Jackson TN.

email me or call.
Man.... I had a bone stock black 02' Kaw Mean Streak with 1200 miles a couple months ago and wouldve traded ya if you wouldve done it! They are same price as Busa brand new. OH well.  :cool:  

Good luck, I would think there is lots of people who would trade ya a VTX, Mean Streak, or something of that nature for your Busa.  I would try posting this up at a VTX forum or sutin..
Hey, i'll trade you a Harley Fatboy even up for it. The Hog is pretty decked up. I figure it is worth the same as your Busa...

Let me know.