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Hello Everyone
I'd like to say this site has been a real help to me picking out my first motorcycle. Some comments I listened to and some I took into heart. Like buying or riding a Hayabusa as your first bike. Being 6'2 and 240 sitting on the other bikes at the stealerships didn't fit me but the Hayabusa did. So I bought the Busa, and this didn't happen until 3 yrs after I took the MSF class. I rode my friends GSXR 1000 twice but he got that 1 month before I got my Busa. I have had it now for 2 months. I'm really glad I got it, I've clock 1742 on the odometer and 120 mph on the highway. I've read a lot about some of the guys coming from 600, 750, 1000. I didn't have that experience so I don't know anything about the slower speed or the lighter bike. I do know that I got on my friends 1000 and it felt like the wind might blow it over or sweep it up on the highway because of the diffences in weight. But I can maneuver great on the hayabusa, slow turns and fast right or left. Other than that I'm glad to be a Busa owner. Mods: nothing big yet, glad to have the bike, kick stand mod, pin strip gold on the rims, white bar ends, keiti tank pad, frame sliders. Looking to get new pipes for next spring/summer and bat wing passenger grab bars. I will remove the reflectors very soon, just still learning about the bike world and mods and loving the ride.
2006 Limited Edition: Photo below was taken after I put 120 miles on the odometer.



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Welcome and congrats on your purchase!!

Now hurry and get those reflectors off before they start pointing at you and laughing!!!


 Nice bike. The Busa was my first bike as well about a year ago.  I am 5'11", 205, and I too read the board and listened to all the pros and cons of the Busa as a first bike.  At the end of the day, you realize that any of these sportbikes can kill you; from the 600 to 750 to 1000.  As long as you take the MSF course, wear gear, ride within your limits, respect the bike for what it can do, you won't take on any more risk than if you would have settled on a smaller cc sportbike.

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Welcome to the club! You made a good choice. My first new bike and loving it.

One word of caution is to watch the idle to make sure it stays at the recommended 1100-1200. Get down around 900 or 800 and the bike will stall when you engage the clutch coming to a stop or near stop.


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We all know that black cuts through the wind better... but congrats and keep riding! You'll soon discover how slow 120mph is on the Busa! That's cruising speed!


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