new busa owners.


After getting my new pilots, the tires need to be balanced, I dont remember having any weights on the stock tyres. How can all busas be perfectly balanced from the factory? hmmm
Well after running down to the garage I remembered that I have new tires on front and back. I do now have weights on both and don't remember if they were there before. Sorry
I have weights on mine the sticky kind. The stocks had the pinch weights on the ridge in the middle of the wheel, at least mine did.
Actually, the way most wheels are made today along with the tires, most are so close to being in balance that the weights that many shops carry only make it worse. I have heard of several shops that just tack on weights opposite the valve stem just so you think they balanced the tire, and those who just don't balance tham anymore because they are so close. What it all boils down to is if you want it balanced and done right, get a wheel balancer (about $100-150) and do it yourself. And to really do it right, spin the wheel without the tire so you find the true heavy point of the wheel as its not always where the valve stem is, and mark it. When having the wheel mounted, have them put the dot to line up with that space. When this is followed, you really will have a very high chance of not needing any weights on the bike at all. Oh, when going real fast, it is good to have the stick on weights covered with duct tape - just for added security - it would suck if one came off and hurt your Busa.

mine didn't have em stock, but once I pout the pilots on I had em put crimps on the front and the sticky ones that go in the center on the back....much better at speeds over 170
Mine came with pinch weights stock. My mechanic uses the sticky ones when I get new tires.

On the Vegas ride, I had to get a new rear and the mechanic used a spin balancer but it didn't need any weights, so HE said. I'm not sure he knew what he was doing though, it took him two hours to change a rear tire!!!
just depends on the tires. i have had them and then not and then agin. and now i have them on the Shinkos
I make my own weights.

Front usually needs no more than 8 grams, the rear no more than 20 grams. I probably would not notice much by not balancing them.

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