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Hi. I just bought my 'Busa, an '08, dark blue. I sold my Harley ('05 Road King, with 'everything on it') to finance the purchase. Talk about a "Buyer's Market".

I've been a licensed rider since the early 80's and have owned GSXR's (750's), Ducati (ST/4), and Buell (1125R) sportbikes, in the past. I actually still have one of the GSXR's (90/750) that I was converting to a track bike, but have kind of lost interest in.

I have always admired Hayabusas. I just like the look. The idea they're the fastest production bike in the world is interesting, too. The Harley wasn't doing it for me any more. I've ordered Heli bars, the peg lowering kit (Joe Marsh), and a Throttlemeister. I had a similar combination on the Ducati, and that made it a very rideable bike. I expect the same to happen for the 'Busa.

I have a grand total of 19 miles on mine, so far. What I've noted so far is how smooth the bike is. Transitions from straight-line to corners I don't feel any driveline lash or abruptness--just very smooth. This feels like it will be an easy bike to ride quickly. Speaking of which, I'm planning Keith Code Level II in October. Come on out if you haven't been (or even it you have). It's a great experience.

Nice 'meeting' everyone. Take care.



Alan :welcome: Sorry to hear that you did not get the fastest color :laugh: but dont forget to post some photos. :thumbsup:

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