New Busa Owner in NC

Hey, just picked up my first bike last month and now made my way to the forums. I have an 07' Busa with 06' Paint Scheme. My name is David, and I'm from the Pinehurst area. I work at Pinehurst Nissan, so if anyone is looking for a car, let me know. Love the bike, but it's the first one I've ever drove. So, I'm still learning. I got pics on the phone, but none on the Camera yet.


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Congrats and welcome! :beerchug: Check out the Sout East Riders forum for some local stuff. We get together every so often.


Welcome to the site and congrat's on your bike! I bought mine last year and it still wow's me everytime I take her out. If you're ever near Greensboro or Winston Salem send me a PM and we'll go for a ride. :beerchug:

Don't forget to post those pics as soon as possible. :thumbsup:


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:welcome: You might see me on my black 2007'll know it's me by the Givi saddle bags!


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Welcome. We get together quit a bit. Pm me ur cell and I'll call/text when the next ride is

BTW I'm rock.
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