New Busa Owner Here Few Questions


OK first of all this bike is Awesome!
I have just put on about 500 miles on it and it runs perfect
I guess im a "newbee" to this board so I have 2 questions maybe you guys could help me out with. Do I really need to bring the bike in for a 500 mile check up? And also was wondering how hard is it to change the oil on a bike. And what type of oil to use. I read here that some use Mobile 1?
Anyways my busa is a 2002 silver I live in MA if anyone wants to meet up for rides!!
Im looking forward to plenty of posts on this board and valuble info from you guys.
First of all welcome to the board.

it is very important to have the oil changed at 600 miles. your motor is going through a break in period wich creates metal shaving from the moving parts

oils.... i use just the factory stuff in mine

thats my .02
Welcome to the board.

Like Big_E said, the first oil change at 500 or 600 is very important, wether you do it or have the shop do it.

I would go ahead and spend the money to have shop do the 600 mile inspection, which includes changing the oil and oil filter.

Having the 600 mile inspection done by the shop may aliviate any future warrenty issues that may arise.

Addtionally, hold off on the Mobile 1. You will get varying views on this topic, car oil verses motocycle oil. But the important thing is not to go a semi synthetic or full synthetic until a more fuller break in has occured. Again, you will get varying views on this topic, how many miles to change to semi or full synthitic. I would at least wait until 1500 miles to make that change. Just use the factory oil from the shop until then

Changing the oil is no biggie. Remove the right side faring, having a rear stand helps. Pull the plug, spin off the filter, prest-o change-o, your done.

You don't have to remove the fairing just to emply the oil, only to change the oil filter. The book says evey other tiime for the filter change, but I do it everytime.

I have seen shop techs just loosen the rear of the fairing and slip the filter out and in. I have not done it though.

Hope that helps.

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Yeah what everyone else has said.  THe initial service is critical.  They do more than an oil change as well, they take care of your chain, check all your nuts (Heh Not those) and bolts, and I think they check your valves and see if anything needs adjusting.  

I am pretty sure anyway, but not certain.
Well I think you got the idea by now. Welcome to the board
thanks for the reply guys im definatly gonna get the service done!!!
good move . sounds like you dont have much time on the end of a wrench ?
If yer bike is brand new,let the dealer do it (warantee thing)
If you dont know carefull...I've fixed a few drain plug bolts that have been over tightened by "Newbie's". If you have little experience with chain adjust/valve adjust/suspension set-up/yadda yadda / real carefull there dude . The boys here on the site can talk you thru any/all of the technical stuff....but someone still has to put a wrench to her , if ya know what I mean

The oil thing.....Buy the best oil you can afford . The oil I run cost's 12 bucks a quart . Worth every nickel . OIL IS EVERTHING . I once got a couple o' hundred thousand out of a cruiser I owned, changed the oil every 6 weeks .
Play it safe....sum say syth is ok....others dont .
MY cant go wrong with a high quality non-synth.
You just cant . No fear of clutch damage or slippage . No fear of engine dam cause she's not fully broken in...yadda yadda yadda ....think about a syth later...for now...dont sweat it . Me .... I run a synth blend .
Have a good 1 .....Rub'her .