New Busa Owner 2004 le

Hi guys, excited to learn all aboit this bike with help from you all, probably going to need it since the bike has Gulp 92,000 miles on it, got a good deal so went with it, have a 97 zx11 also which iam trying to sell if anyone is interested lol, but o boy this bike feels so much more powerful than the 11, wanted the zx14 but out of my budget right now, but glad i got this , its awesome!!



Nice bike only 92,000 so it’s almost broke in. Lol. These bikes are extreamly reliable and lots of people have put on 2 to 3 times that mileage on a busa. I’m sure it was maintained well by the pics. But verify all the normal maint things. All I would do is change fluids, check all the bearing, chain, sprocket, and run a fuel cleaner through it.
Now that sounds like one very well looked after Gen 1 , very nicely detailed up and obviously luv'd by previous owner . Think you may like the Busa handling better than a ZX14 anyway , and real world performance isn't that far apart .
Great score there mate , and welcome .

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