New build finished

Bought this '00 brand new back in the day,has 12k miles on it currently. Over the winter we did a stg 2 with a GT28,has a fully built 1/2" stud engine,was a spare PST motor built by Anthony Navarro with all the goodies inside. GT35 is sitting on the bench&will be swapped out in a month or so once I get some free time. Not too many around in this condition&it still draws attention wherever we go.



Looks really nice! :thumbsup:

Any specs? Dyno? 1/4-mile times? Top speed, etc?
Made 390rwhp&223ft lbs on SAE Outlaw's dyno at 25psi with the tire spinning,should be right around 400-410rwhp if it hooked. No 1/4mi runs until the AMS-1000 is wired with Co2&I get a underbraced McIntosh arm...this old Adams modified arm isnt quite up to the task and is twisting a bit on full boost. Hope to hit some LSR events this year with this and my turbo 1k


Very Very clean setup :beerchug: that GSXRfront fender looks awesome! What year and model did you do the swap with? I did mine from a 07/08 GSXR 600


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Very sharp lookin bike!! That must be a monster to handle without a controller on

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