New brake lines and pads, waste of time $$

I installed spiegler lines and fully vacuum bled the system with Motul and it was an amazing difference.

yeah i'm running spiegler lines as well, the carbon fiber look adds a nice touch. I first installed the spieglers and ebc HH pads, that was a decent upgrade from the stock. But after I installed the brembo mc and calipers that was night n day stop on a dime difference :beerchug:
+1 for "made a big difference for me"

I have EBC pads and Goodridge hoses.. like night and day for me. Best £80 upgrade you can make on a Gen II :)

are you referring to the radial master cylinder for a gen 2? because you dont have to use those 1's, cheaper to get a brembo MC off a 1198 or an 09 R6. Still a major upgrade from the stock at half the price of the radials