New bike pics!!!!!!!!!!!

This is me on the duc after we breathed the first breath of air into it.
No pipes yet though. They are back ordered from Italy. Won;t be in till next week.

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This is me just having a laugh! I'm really happy!!!!
And this is why we don't ride this time of year

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And finally I'm spihoning the gas out of the tank to put it in the basement until the weather improves!
Enjoy guys!

I will post picks next week when I get the pipes on it!

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Nice lookin' bike. Keep us posted. BTW, what kind of pipes have you ordered?

Good looking bike Busachick! I'm not familiar with it. Is it a comfortable long distance bike? Is it fast? What about handling?

So on what type of rides would you take this verses the Busa?

Hey busachick,
Beautiful bike. It looks gorgeous over there with all that snow in the background. It was 12 degrees over here sunny and we were riding. Hope the snow melts soon so you can ride that baby. Have fun.
Glad to see that you got it home. I hope that the snow melts soon and you can start to injoy it. Nice looking bike by the way.
Bacharles, I ordered Fast by ferracci carbon high exit pipes.

Thinker, This bike is not too bad to ride really far. Its pretty fast. It's really torquey! And If I was to choose which one to take? Well I'll let ya know on that one.

Right On Busachick..always fun to have more than one bike.
Yea i know the weather sucks, but spring will sprung..sooner or later....See you at laguna03?? byfornow..Fabusa
Hey MC remember me?

I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of this bike, my mate has one and yes it is true, they do have quite a bit of talk, be careful in the snow....
Oooh, you can officially be Monster Chick!