New Bike Next Week


Hey you guys, new Busa next week (bank has been a LONG time sorting out finance). Should be next Wednesday or Thursday. Silver/Grey 03. I'm so exited I could S**t! Will post pics as soon as I have the keys.

Had to post - Feel like I'm part of this scene already but with no Busa!
Hey Ninja,
I'm sitting here thinking of it (the bike), should go to bed but somehow posting here is as close as I willl get to the real thing - Sad, but true!
Hey Big_E
Believe me I will post pics as soon as I get my hands on my new baby! Will be a bit sad to say goodbye to the Vmax, but I am sure I will get over it!
I remember the feeling . Got mine a year ago May 4th , and I couldn't sleep either . let me know the differance between the v-max and the Busa . I'm thinking about getting one for when my girl wants to ride with me .
Yeah Kim,
I picked mine up Night before last and believe me it is everything you have heard it is and more. I thought my 750 was fast...not anymore.

The Silver and gray is real pretty, though as you will find out if you hang out here much, the 02 all black LE is the fastest color...

Be sure to take it a bit easy initially, I have allready found my front end off the ground a few times by just getting happy and snappy on the throttle. It's pretty cool though because it comes up so easy and controlably. Anyway you are in for the ride of your's all that...