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Yep..I want a beater bike specifically for winter and rain riding.....oh and for the track.

Something along the lines of a late 90s Honda...

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I'm thinking about a 750 or an rc51... but I got no loot.:p


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No itch for now! I was hoping the 06 would be different but....alas.....I love my 04 and that's what I shall keep for now!!!!


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i've been thinking about a 600 next spring but i'm being told i will hate it......i love my torque and my top end! I may have to look at that 06 GSXR750 in the spring.
If you love torque, you may very well hate the 600... Well, maybe not hate it, but you may well find it undesireable. The power is way up in the RPM range on a 600. The newer ones have plenty of horsepower, but they definitely lack in torque, especially down low in the rpm range. I found that I had to keep the 636 at or above 10K rpm to stay in the "good power" in the twisties. I didn't care for having to keep it wound that tight. I know it doesn't hurt the engine, it's just not my thing.

And even a litre bike doesn't give you the down low punch that the busa does, but it comes on stronger much lower in the rpm's than a 600. Seeing as how they're +/- 100 lbs lighter and have shorter wheelbases I don't think you'd want busa torque in a litre. Can you say LOOP?
For me, and the kind of riding I love the litre is the perfect compromise between 600 weight and handling and lower rpm grunt. The only way I'd have a use for a 600 would be as a track only bike. I can see a 600 being LOADS of fun there.

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Alive & enjoying it!
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Well there is one other aspect to a 600 that you are forgetting....if you love to wind out and rag on a bike then they are also fun.

I loved winding out my Busa and do it to my liter bike too but it just not easy to find a piece of road to do it on....well the freeway is there I guess but that is about it.

With a 600 the opportunities to wind out the bike are more plentiful.

And yep..for the track a 600 is about all a guy needs. Id love to be on a liter bike on the track too but id rather master
a 600 there first.


Dunno why but I have the itch for a V-strom 650 as a 2nd bike. I love that 650 engine and I sat on an '05 red one this weekend and damn was it me great. Yeah it's kinda homely looking but the looks are growing on me.

But alas....I have no cash for one although financing one would be around $150/mo w/nothing down. Tempting but since I got 4500 in credit card debt......I've decided not to be an idiot......for now.


V-strom. I'm picking one up this spring. But what I would really love to have is the new speed triple; all in black please!

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