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I just thought I would share this, in case anyone was wondering where I have been the past few weeks.

I need to update my website still, but you can view it here in the mean time. This is an artistic/serious piece, nothing comic or action oriented, in case any one iis expecting that. Seven months from start to finish (minus time for creative block
This very, very cool. what talent and patience it must take to create something like this.

With that said, was I supposed to understand a plot to the movie? I watched it without sound, so I may have missed something.

It is awesome!

Wouldn't load for me and I am at work with a T1. Is your site getting too much traffic right now? 3p Eastern time.
That was pretty cool, Narcissus. It took a while to load just because I am on dial up for the day but it was worth it. I kind of figured that it was based on the process of life and than I read your write up.
How long did it take you to get it all together?
That was very cool, I really must say.  

You must be one of those guys that has really wierd/cool dreams that when you wake up from them is really hard to grasp what is real and what is not.

Is this just a hobby for you, or do you get something out of it?


My work computer BANs be from watching the movie!!! It comes up with the nasty "Forbiden Warning"... sux, I will try to post the warning below for laughs...

Your attempt to access this Web site has been denied.
If you believe this message is an error,
you may contact your supervisor.

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Darn, you can not see the nice logo that show up with that stupid message.... oh well....
You can try viewing from my site instead if NewGrounds is inaccessible. It will not be formatted to the proper size since I have yet to put it in actual web page format. If it is too large and plays too slow, just small-ify your browser window or download it and view it in a Flash player (should be 600x250).

To other questions:
It does have deep meaning placed within it, but one does not really have to think about it if they do not want to. I made it so that anyone can enjoy it, whether they want to do an in-depth Jungian analysis, philosophical thought or just to see some cool 3D.

I do this both for fun and for money. I did not do this piece for profit, I did it purely for fun, but since it adds to my portfolio, it gives me greater chances of doing work for pay. Kind of like a win-win catch-22 situation.
that was pimp as hell. I like it. I knew I had heard that song before but I wasnt sure untill I read the credits. I had just watched the Macros series a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Good choice in music. Very good man. I like it. keep up the good work.
man the site is hot as
Big anime fan and huge DBZ fan. much love man.

Holla Back:12: (my Goku icon)