New Aluminum Dash for Gen 1


Not sure if this has been seen before, if so dont look.

I replaced my melted faux carbon dash today with this nice piece off Eboy and I am real pleased with the fit and quality for the money. The dash is about twice as thick as stock.

Engraved Kanji and logo and nicely notched as well.


All T6 6061 made in the USA aluminium metal CNC ed for $89.

You should see how thick the cover is from the side, almost double the stock height.

That looks good :beerchug: I have fairing bolts and oil cap in that same diamond cut design. Nice subtle touch for those who aren't into the bling bling chromed out look
I also have one but its not notched and there really nice ..

Very clean without the notching and I don't see that design offered by this vendor.
It would be nice to see the two styles side by side....

I assume your dash is also aluminium. Do you have the kanji or hayabusa written out in bottom? The other gauge is in the way so we can't see.

Either way you choose, this is an amazing upgrade for very little money!

I dont remember the vendor but i took me a while to find ..i also bought the triple tree so i could lower the bike..
Heres a recent pic so u can see it better .


I think your style is more subtle and refined, but I like the " Hayabusa" word on the bottom of my dash.

Note the quality of the engraving/etching up close