New addition to the family

Busa Jules

Little blue pill, M.Ed.
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HOW CUTE!! I'm in love with the Frenchies!! I've got an English Bulldog right now... but one day I will have me a blonde Frenchie!!!


The Pessimistic Optimist
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Pugs are awesome...always been a big dog person. Said if I ever owned another
dog it would be a Blue eyed Syberian Husky. My significant other had the pugs
they are wonderful dogs. I'm definately hooked. Talk about 100lbs of personality in a 20lb body.

They want nothing more in life than to be a continuous part of yours. And definately
not a hyper dog...yeah they play, but man do they chill and sleep.
Ours are all extremely well behaived (no thanks to me) :thumbsup:

The frenchie is a smart little rascal, all bulldog. He wants something and starts
playing, he does not give up. And what a baby...

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