New addition to the family stable


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Last year our youngest son, David, took the MSF course and got his motorcycle license. We bought him a Honda Ruckus to go back and forth to the local community college which is about half a mile away. He has put almost 300 miles, 1 mile per trip on his scooter. He recently asked if he could have a bigger scooter so that he could to the school's other campus about 12 miles away. We did some looking around and ended up ordering him a 2014 Piaggio Fly 150 which came in Thursday and we picked up Saturday.

It comes with a 3 valve 150cc fuel injected motor that will do 60-65 MPH and still get over 100 MPG. Also standard are dual front disk brakes and 12" wheels.

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He's stoked! He and Diana did a 60 mile ride, her on the Vespa and him on the Fly (both are Piaggio's).

He's going to join us in Eureka and is planning on riding it there.
He's named her Rachel. And I wish I'd gotten a picture of his face when we suggested taking it to Eureka.

We're so proud of him.
I know he is stoked!
Looking forward to seeing you there!