New 2002 busa...what do i do now?


I've had my new black/blue Busa for going on 2 weeks has like 420 miles on it. What do you experts out there suggest I do first as far as mods, things to look out for, etc. I've had 2 900RRs, so this bike is much different than what I am used to...but so far, it is GREAT!
I would like more sound, the rear fender has GOT to GO! It has chrome wheels and is lowered in the back by way of a 3 way adjustable dog bone.


If it's just noise you want and not looking for more power, I would suggest a set of Yosh RS 3 cans. They sound great and you shouldn't have to touch the computer. I have a titanium set on my 2000 blue and silver. They go for around $675 for the set.
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