Never propose in public (Video)

live n learn son, live n learn...shoulda done some more 'research' before he went to all the trouble to set that up-bet it cost him sum serious coin too...not including the ring.

o well-I got my wife's name tattoed on my chest-but I already knew she wasn't goin ANYWHERE ELSE!
what an idiot, he had to have some clue that she wasn't 100% totally into him. Serves him right. I feel bad for the chick, look at the embarassment from her side.


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(BA BUSA @ Sep. 18 2006,23:36)
That might have been a good thing for him  
Ditto. She probably had a fantasy of what the "perfect" proposal should be. Dressed in jeans in the center of the b-ball court with thousands of people watching and an announcer going full blast probably wasn't what she had in mind.

Or so I suspect!


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