Never a cop around when you need one...........


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NOT ALWAYS TRUE :thumbsup: I ride the Busa into work early, I'm on the interstate by 5:30 a.m.

Usually traffic isnt too heavy, and it's easy for me to manuever into a open pocket between traffic. This leaves me pleanty of room to see and breathe.

Anyway this morning, for whatever reason some dumbazz,in a pickup, wants to shadow, then tailgate me. No I didnt cut him off or anything like that. Maybe he liked the Busa, who knows.

I'm sticking close to the speed limit, if I vary it, he still sticks to me like glue. I thought whatever..............and just ignored.

Finally the dumbazz blasts past me, and I think "never a cop around", then out of the blue comes a cop and tailgates this guy:bowdown:

Finally the cop hits the lights and pulls him over. Justice Served :beerchug:


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ehehehe... he should have been looking in his rearview instead of staring at your fat bottomed gurl.


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I think we should bash the cop for not stopping him sooner. J/K Good job officer.:thumbsup:


I'm usually at the sharp end of that stick, so I know how nice it is to see it go the other way.

A couple years ago I had some guy in an Audi or something (can't remember for sure) rip past me leaving a stop light and cut me off pretty badly to hop on an entrance ramp right in front of me. He thought we were racing (he was the only one).

I immediately pulled to the side of the entrance ramp to let the car with the flashing lights blaze past (the one 3 cars back at the light... did I not mention that?:laugh::whistle:)

I passed them mile a down the highway on the shoulder just in time for the cop to jump out of the car, point to me and gesture for my approval that he'd stopped the correct vehicle. I gave him the thumbs up and laughed for about 5 minutes at the mental picture of that cop marching to the driver's window of that car as I passed and imagining the verbal assault that driver was about to experience.


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wtg LEO! :thumbsup: it's always nice to see a moron get their just due :beerchug:


:rofl: Love it! You kinda breathe a sigh of relief that the D-Bag got what he deserved. But also a feeling....that it could have been you u had the right wrist been a lil happy :whistle:


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Thread jacking here- but did anyone of you see that car chase in the Dallas area on TV about 10 days ago?

Nope? ok.. you'll be amazed.. it lasted 90 minutes on and off of the major highways around Garland, Mesquite and Richardson... during the chase the cops setup a point to throw out spike strips (into the heavy highway traffic)... the TV helo was showing the car being chased zipping in and out of traffic.. into the picture comes a guy on a sport bike in the lane to the immediate left of the car. In the lane to the right of the car is a semi tractor/trailer.... so left to right you have bike, felon, truck... in the median we see a cop jump out into the lane the sport bike was in.. toss the spike strip.. he tosses it so hard it hits the side of the semi truck, the felon swerves left and almost hits the biker. The biker slams on his brakes and shoots left to avoid the car and the Dallas P.D. officer who is now running to avoid being hit by the car and bike.

The strips were ineffective and the chase continued... if I was on that bike I would have had a word or two for those cops standing in the median... unbelievable.

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