Network Support

Nena Serrato

We are expanding and transferring to a new and bigger location. More computers will be installed and so we will be needing a network support. Can you suggest someone or a good company who can help us with our network? Will be better to get an in-house IT staff?
best to get in house IT staff...My wifes company has out of house. They have to wait 24 hours or more sometimes for support...weekends are even worse.
Hey, VIPERWHITEBUSA! Thanks for your suggestion. We just had our meeting last Thursday and we are trying to find an IT company similar to this one: This firm provides IT consultation, support and they can also assist in moving out. We're looking for a smaller firm coz ours is not a big one too. So, hopefully we can find 3-4 smaller IT companies with the same services and we'll select one to handle our requirements. Thanks!
Nena were are you located? I may be interested in contracting myself and my partner out to you.