Need your help

Need your help - What should I do?

  • Send scratched fairings for new paint

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  • Buy new fairings ($600)

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  • Turn in to insurance co. for payment

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  • Wait for deal on used plastics

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OK, guys... I found out that I can have my fairing repainted (and the hump) to OEM for $200. Or, I can spend $600 for new fairing and hump, or I can turn it into insurance... or I could just wait for an ebay deal to come along...

Mainly, I would like your input on what to do about insurance. Is it worth turning this in? Do you think my premiums will increase? Homeowners said NO WAY!

Thanks guys and gals!
if you can get guaranteed paint job for $200, then do it. Fastest turnaround, Insurance not going to go up(your deductable is higher than that), and you will be rollin. Just do it! (Do I owe Michael Jordan for saying that??) biggrin.gif
if you do turn it in to insurance, tell them somone knocked it over at the mall or something. for some reason when a bike falls off a kickstand or sinks in the blacktop the insurance company considers it a collision claim and not comprehensive.

good luck.
When I bounced my Busa off a tree my insurance didn't go up at all. I'm assuming you have a $500 deductable is it worth the chance of a premium hike for $100? I agree with cache if you can get a guaranty I would go that way.
I would pay out of the pocket 2 benjamins ain't bad for a good touch up paint job...
I agree with Cache and Stunnah, your deductible is probably more than the paint job.
OK boyz and girlz, here is the poop. I've talked to SuperKaos (Kevin) in Florida about paint. He can do the fairing and hump with a promise that it will look as good as OEM for about $200. However, he can not put on the OEM sticker, as Suckuzuki wants $180 for the sticker!!!!!! So, I am torn. He says he can put on an aftermarket that looks great, but it would not match the other side... GRRRR! What to do....? I am definetly sending him an undertail and the hump for paint, but I am having a hard time dealing with the fairing.... come on guys, send me one for a belated x-mas gift... I will love you eternally....

Doc, Nothing against SuperKaos, I have meet Kevin, and he seems like a standup guy. Check around a bit and get someone to due the stickers also if you can. Check with Nick Smith gixx1300r in Florida also. He is posted on ths site under merchandise and others. The pics of bikes and other things he has done look real good. Best bet would be to find someone close to you if you can. I can talk to the guys in South Florida and check up on both of these guys if you want. Just let me know. I would hate for you to send out your plastics and not see them for weeks.
Sorry so late on this post but I didn't catch it until today! I race jet-skis and these guys did my custom boat decals. They look great! I'm not sure but I bet they can make your decals for you (and their in Florida.)

You can go to any colormatch and get the paint you need to find someone local that can do the work and replace the stickers OEM...
Yeah, I need to check around locally, that would be a LOT easier and save a ton on shipping. I will post my results....

i say either go custom paint or pull the factory sticker off of both sides and put some cool aftermarket hayabusa stickers on.  then maybe a little bit o cool pinstriping, and it could still be factory paint but with a custom touch/look that could be pulled off later if needed.
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