Need Stock tail hieght info

I lowered my bike today and did not measure the drop correctly in the back. Can someone give me a stock rear end height measurement? I think to the rear Frankenstein bolt would work.

I lowered the front too but will need to go a little lower in the front. I think I dropped it 15 mm. as measured from the forks which is very little drop really in the front. Basically I just lowered the front enough to be flush with the new top triple clamp.

I will take some pics soon of the drop. My feet are flat and its comfy but I noticed some subtle aero dynamic changes. The air coming off the windshield now hits my helmet at a different angle and makes more noise.
Well my seat is now 28.5" high and feet are flat with a little bend at knee. That is with 1" removed from the seat and a drop in the bike front and rear. I think the back was dropped 2.5" I may raise it up an inch depends on if I scrape anything in turns. I am pretty tame in curves so I may be ok.

Hope to find out what the 1/4 mile will be this friday or saturday. Everything engine wise is stock, if I get <12 seconds I will be happy as its my first time.

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