Need some more help


ok eveyone has clear turn signals brake lights i was wondering if anyone knows how to tint the plastic turn signals ,brake lights im planning on tinting them then putting the bright led lights in.......any suggestions......i saw pics with tinted turn signals but no email adresses to ask em how it was done.......just curious if anyone knows how to tint plastic?? specially curved the way the busa stuff is??
This may sound really stupid but, please dont flame me for this.

Take a clear turn signal lens, place it behind the tail pipe and rev the engine. The carbon from the exaust will "smoke" the lens. Plus, if you dont like it you can wipe them off. Older cars are usually better for this.
They make plastic bulb caps (AutoZone and more) cover the clear bulb with Smoke Blue green red and amber. My son has clea on his honda Accord and could not find amber bulbs, so he tried them with success.
no im not talkin about the bulb im gonna put the bright led ambers in thier talkin about the cover.....tinting the cover instead of putting a clear one tryin to get the all blacked out look.....if i can find the pic i saw on the web somewere i will try to post it in here to show
I looked around for plastic tint some time back, but never could find any. I am sure that someone has something that will work.
check with texas fairing. I think i saw something like you are talking about there. The tail light was the same color as the bike. but the lEDs came on when the brakes came on or something like that.