need some help.

who can help me out

the bike ( 2002) seems to "chug" or "lurch" at low speed's around 1500/2000 rpms.  is this normal? is it just  the pull of the motor?

the only mod I have done is Yoshi race bolt ons. I have been toying with the thought  of a bigger rear sproket and a pcIII.
would putting a 42 tooth sprocket on the rear help out or would it make the "lurch" pull/push even more noticeable?
how about the  pcIIIr, would this help out with the low speed "lurch"  
                   thanks for any help
That is a very low RPM to be riding around. I suspect that there is nothing wrong with your bike and that the lurching is due to riding at that RPM, which is little above idle. Drop a gear or two in those situations to raise RPMs to at least 2500. 3000 would be better. The bike will respond to your throttle inputs much better there and the chugging will disappear once the engine is in its proper RPM range.

Keep in mind that the engine can spin up to 10,000 without a problem and that 1500 is a somewhat fast idle. So you've got a huge RPM range to work with there. I tend to keep mine at about 2750 when I am trying to ride quietly and slowly through town. I take the gear that puts the engine at 4000 - 5000 for highway cruising and 6000-7000 for more spirited riding where throttle response and acceleration matter most.
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1500rpm is standard idle speed. Just drop anothe gear and give some more gas. Sounds like nothing to worry about.
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that problem you got my friend is to do with nearly idle running yes,and thro towns and cities i get alot of that aswell

droping it down to 2nd or 3rd does help some,but it doesnt solve the problem,its nothing to worry about tho most stock busa's do it,i've been playing with the idea of a pc111 coz my friend has 1 on his and it has sorted that problem out for him,u got to remember these are big horse power they dont like crawling speeds they wanna growwwwlllll
if i was you i would think bout getting a pc111 it should solve that prob.
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