Need some help!


First bike! Wanna make it look better and perform great! Any suggestions, any free parts upgrades for a 2006 busa?

motorcycle 1.jpg
:welcome: to the oRg :thumbsup: Dude you got a Busa and it looks like you got a head start on upgrades :laugh:
Welcome, nice ride. Start with exhaust, air filter, air box mod, and Power Commander. Log in to the Org daily and you will learn a mountain of information. Good luck and safe riding.
Welcome! Here is your first FREE upgrade - remove reflectors! LOL. Can't think of any other free parts/upgrades. I am guessing you meant to say you had a black smoke coming out of the exhaust, right? Always? At idle only?

I also have '06, and the same color scheme. Stock swing arm though.
best mod/upgrade I can recommend: proper suspension set-up for your weight and riding preferences. been to a rider improvement course already? got all your riding gear?