Need Some Help !!!


Without getting political here....I'm currently a government contractor and am currently on my (un-named) company's insurance plan. Well I am taking another contracting gig for 1 year but don't have health insurance. So I have to purchase it privately. So is there anything that I need to know about buying private insurance and riding motorcycles? Meaning, I've heard that some plans have a clause in them about not insuring motorcycle related accidents. From what I see from Blue Cross or United Healthcase they don't expressly say that on their website upfront.

Anything I should know?

I wouldn't want to get banged up in a bike crash and then find out that my insurance company refuses the claim because they don't cover motorcycle related activities.
I would just check the fine print. They never asked me if I ride a motorcycle so I didn't tell them. The coverage I have doesn't exclude motorcycle riding so I think I'm covered. If you realy concerned you can mention that you're thinking about getting your license and a motorcycl and are curious what the insurance ramifications may be.
I have never heard of that exclusion. Now if you are into skydiving, I dont know any insurance companies that will cover you in that accident. One reason I quit jumping.
Ask the prospective insurers about exclusions. As a private pilot, I find that many insurance companies specifically exclude insuring for light/private aircraft, so it's best to ask.

Life insurance is the same way.

Finally, consider adding personal injury to your motorcycle insurance. Usually this will not kick in until some primary health insurance is used up first, but if your health insurance denies coverage, then at least you'd have something.
try tricare... they have always been good for me even before the military and with you being a contractor you might get a price break
I used both Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Cigna and never had a problem with either of them. Good luck with the search.
Hey John....we should talk soon...about other things..
Yep, Blue Cross and Blue Shield have no M/C exclusions. However, they have or will be raising their rates by 38% in the next few months and their medical exclusions list for what they won't pay for, or will only pay limited amounts for, change often. Add those exclusions to the deductible and it gets pricey. I had a blocked artery (stent) and a hernia, two separate events. I was stuck with over $80,000 in "exclusions". I dropped them. Very arrogant bunch over there.............
yeah never heard of that problem but you can also increase your medical coverages on the moto insurance to help offset it I would imagine if you are really worried about it