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Hey guys, Im new to this board. I currently ride a 2002 yamaha fz1. I was at the local dealer lookin at the busas. Ive wanted one for a while but went with the fz1 because it was cheaper on insurance. I had it for about 6 months and thinking about going to a Hayabusa. This might be a stupid ? but how do you like yours. I mostly ride around town with some weekend trips around 200 miles. Im 19 years old so i figure insurance is going to be expensive. Im actually hoping everyone says get it, youll love it because thats what I want to hear... Thanks for any help and suggestions. lookin forward to chatting with a lot of you.

I mostly ride around town with some weekend trips around 200 miles.[/QUOTE]
This is pretty much what I do with mine.  I ride it to work almost every day during the summer and that is 100 miles round trip.  Every once and a while I take it up in to the mountains for the day and have a blast.  The most I have ever put on it at one time was just over three hundred miles in about 6 hours of back road riding.  My butt was a little sore however I did it again the very next day and I am looking forward to doing it again this summer.
Im actually hoping everyone says get it, youll love it because thats what I want to hear... [/QUOTE]
Get it, you'll love it.  Just take it easy for a little while and get used to the weight and power difference.
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"Get it, you'll absoloutly love it"

I put off buying my 'busa for 2 years for about the same reason man. I'm 25 now.. and my insurance didn't drop enough to worry about from age 22, to 25.  (quite a difference from when I was 19 though) If you can afford the insurance and your mature enough to handle it go for it.  You won't regret it.

.. it does take some getting used to when your moving up from a lighter weight bike though..   loads more torque, and alot more comfortable to ride.
Thanks a lot guys, I understand its a heavier bike with more torque. Ill have to be carefull coming out of a turn. with the fz1, i can feel it getting loose occasionally. With more torque, I guess it can happen faster. Im taking my bike to the dealer soon to see what they can do. They have two all black one, (are they special edition, black frame and all) I owe a lot on my bike so they talked about paying mine off as a trade in and then financing the busa. O yea, are the busas reliable, shouldnt i worry about that. Thanks again guys. I appreciate all the help
no prob..

if it's got the black frame it has to be the Limited edition one.. as far as I know thats the only black framed busa that you can get.

I don't think I've read about anybody breaking down anywhere.. i've only got about 2100 on mine so far .. but no problems at all.. runs like a mofo.

Alot of people really put the 'busa in a bad light a little I think. Yes it's got a ton of power.. yes you can get in trouble faster than you can even think about it.. but it's not a totally out of control, twitchy, rocket propelled suicide machine. It will totally fly when you want it too.. whether you know what your doing or not.. it will fly either way.. but it's also very mild mannered and tame when you want it to be. .. so maybe it's a in control, stable, rocket propelled wind burning machine instead..


I'll be blunt with you...You more than likely need to stay with what you have...If you owe a lot on the bike that you have now you'll end up being upside down bad by the time the dealer gets thru screwing you...If you have access to someone that can school you in this process you need to check it out or them out...Do not just get a Busa and ruin yourself financially for the thrill of owning the baddest bike ever built...
I made the same trade this summer. I'd never go back. Don't get me wrong I loved the FZ1, but...... there is no comparisom. The only thing you will miss is the brakes. Not even close to the FZ1. That won't be enough to make a difference. Almost no vibes through the bars. Not like the FZ. The Busa is by far the best bike I've ever owned. Plain and simple it just doesn't get any better than this.


Insurance will be very high. You will be happy with the bike and will not have to worry about mods for a long time.
Thanks again guys, I appreciate all your help. Only thing I am worried about is the insurance. I thought it was going to be considered a sport tourer therefore not as much as an r1 or a gsxr 600. I pay 550 a year full coverage for the fz1. wasnt sure if its gonna be a lot more or not. thanks again

 Im actually hoping everyone says get it, youll love it because thats what I want to hear...  Thanks for any help and suggestions.  lookin forward to chatting with a lot of you.

Get it, youll love it.

No matter how much experience you have had riding, you are still 19 years old. Make sure you have taken the course, "Decision Making 101" before you get the Busa. At any age, its all about choices.