Need some help with choosing tires


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Ok, I live in SC the chances of me doing some kind of crazy turning is slim to none. Alot of interstate/hwy riding and just cruising around downtown or what have you. Off ramps/on ramps are my "twisties".

All my friends ride 600-1000's so they have tires generally geared towards better handling

I know the power roads have sport touring models which are suppose to be a longer life in the middle of the tire so, I was thinking that sounded like a good thing for my type of riding. Right now I have about a 8inch tear in my rear tire, few burns outs and some high speed runs just ate it up after about 4k+ miles.

If anyone could give me some suggestions on what type of tire would be a good choice for me with my riding type it would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup:


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im liking my avon storm and i do the same riding as you. as far as handling it good enough for me. when i start leaning hard it likes to step out a little(at least thats what it feels like) but that is me leaning within an inch of my buell pegs. 1200 miles and cant really tell there is any wear.


I really liked my Conti Road Attacks on my Katana.
I have about 900 miles on my Busa with the stock tires, I like them.
But my wife has some BT016's on her CBR, they have the tri compound rears
She really likes them, and they really helped the stability and handling of her bike.


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I graduated from Bridgestone 056j's to Metzelers M-3 a LOT of miles out of those Metzelers and liked them dry, wet, straight, twisted....just a great all-around tire. My riding partner runs 2CT's on his Busa and seems to think they are great. I just got a deal from Charles at streetntrack on Michelin HPX' figure one front for every two rears, so you can go with Shinko's, Avons, Metzelers, or Michelin and not go wrong for your kind of riding..... :super:


I figure I would add one more to confuse you. I have good luck using the Dunlop quailifer on the front with the Dunlop roadsmart on the rear.I do alot of highway to work and usually square off the rear quick. 2K mile's and the rear is doin fine.But it hold's when you need it.

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