Need some HELP from people that live in ONTARIO...


have a M license.....

I HAVE TO GET THE BOOKLET so if there are some stupid questions just bare with me....

i have my G and have decided that i will save my money and by next year i should have enough to fully cover a gsxr 600

i dont want to start with anything that i might not be able to handle

anyways.... how did you guys go about getting your license.... this is the way i have it in my mind

1) go to the MOT and pay 15$ and then take the M1 test and get a 90 day trial
2) sign up $340 bucks for motorcycle driving school at a local college.... IF YOU KNOW ANY THAT ARE BETTER THEN OTHER JUST MENTION THEM.... ( MISSISSAUGA - KITCHINER ) around there .... then if i pass the course i get the M2
3) get my bike next year and drive it and practice with it then make an appointment to take my M test...

Now my questions to anyone that went through this:
-Is that the best way to go?
-What happens in the M test? is it a course or does the marker person come with you on the bike?
-Whats the best way to look at this?

thanks all
thanks that was great.....