Need pics of Busa with Thunder_Composites ...


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Basically, if your using TC decal kit I'd like to see a pic of the right side fairing to compare Kanji's. Thanks.

Here you go guys. I have put together a little set of pics with some of the more interesting Kanji pics in their electronic format. It is pretty much as they appear in real life. Some of the lumo vinyls add sparkle which is really nice. Not all are for everybody but then again, they are nice and original concepts. It can be really hard to get a good picture of those vinyls, especially in the detail.


My bike. Hell of a way to do the commuting. Ridden everyday at every opportunity.

Girl. Interesting. Very specific stuff.

Close up of fire Kanji


Next one, is the original Valium design. We ended up changing it out to suit. I liked it though. I have thrown in the original drawing and the layup sheet for print which is pretty common to sets before I process them for shipping. I always do a few extra little ones in case they get ruined in the process.




This next one is a little racy. the interesting thing about this one is the carbon fibre, her leather, skin and hair colour change is almost instant. it takes nothing to have dark red CF, brown hair, brown skin in bright red leather. No probs.


next. the original mock up for Cat's green lantern. Hopefully, he doesn't get upset about me posting them up. It does show the detail and will help when he shows you the finished Busa.

EDITED: I have removed the images for the green lantern bike. I think Cat is preparing for an unveiling. I have decieded to tease you with the tank suzukis only.




I'll close now with a couple of t-shirt pics for my guys down here. Both where challenging but fun in their own right. Hope that gives enough food for thought or at the very least an interesting conversation thread. cheers guys.

Meatloaf (very difficult to get right).


Busa menu. Yummy.




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Kenny, by all means, feel free to post it up, besides getting a pic of them once finished just wont do enough. Thanks.

And do the close up the GL's details
Here you go Cat. and your Hump GL guy. I actually made an extra one of these for my locker at work. Gets a lot of comments. I am moving ahead on both the Juggernaut and the T Devil.


PM me guys if you want something.


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Guys....I can type this with no doubt, the actual product is far more detaield, eye-popping, and beautiful than the pics posted could ever be! I cringe knowing I wont have them on until the Busa is repainted....I can't wait. Thanks again Glen.



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(nitrousjunkie @ Oct. 05 2006,09:38) Why do these companies make the one side backwards? It looks like crap!
NJ, I didnt know that until I got mine...then I simply emailed Glen and asked WTF? He explained, and it is legit, the reverse on the right side is for the full effect when adding flames etc.. If you do factory style it looks way off balance, and it really does throw you for more of a loop than then seeing the Kanji reversed. I went ahead and asked for the facotry facing, even though the flames will be dropped. So, when you look at the two GL's (Green Lantern) Kanji's above, one is flamed (the original) and now the flameless (updated). I might test fit the flames first, and if it doesnt rub me the wrong way I will roll like that for a while.
I like the reverse, I think I may be alone on that. It isn't an issue, I just won't make it. Lesson learnt by me. To be honest, printing the original way is heaps easier to set up and I don't have to print two spares in case one gets damaged during printing or processing.

Thank you Cat. I have done your new ones and they are on the way. I am excited that you are going to run the flamed reverses, even for just a little while. They will look great and are easy enough to remove with heat. Won't damage your brand new paint.

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