Need insurance


Hello family

Have new bike well new to me. Now need insurance. Did a search but all the quotes were from two years ago.

Beeen searching for insurance and getting ok rates. Just wondering what do you guys consider good, great, bad or ok?

Lowest I've received is 700/yr at 107.00 down with 100/month for 5 payments that's full coverage
On a 02 busa

Please input or chime in,

Check with your local agents as they are the best source with your information and what you need/want/must have on a policy.

Good luck!
full coverage? do you need full? bikes worth 5 grand. liability should be around 150+. I pay 25 bucks a month for 2 bikes with Progressive
I see a lot of people using state farm. I will have to look into them as well as I pay Progressive about 700ish a year. Full coverage.
I have Geico, just easier 4 me cause my other vehicles are through them as well. Pretty cheap IMO