Need input on Keys


Thinking about getting some chromed, lazer cut keys made up.
The Busa key will have the Kanji symbol and the GSXR will have the "R" lazer cut into it.
I can get chrome, or the regular brass/copper look.
I haven't a clue about the price yet, as I have to check into the Lazer cutting setup and the chroming, and shipping.

It WILL NOT be as cheap as the usual Wal-Mart key blanks, but it'll be a neat item, for a few bucks.
I'll also send them as a blank, or you can send a key with the payment and I can have them cut to fit, for a small fee.

They will be sold in pairs only, so every order gets 2 keys.

At this point, I am just checking interest, because I haven't got a return bid yet.
This key has a line thru the chrome, but the final ones won't. Maybe just at the corner, or not at all.
YEah I'd prolly be up for a chrome set of blanks...