** NEED INPUT - Model Hayabusa **


I am having my artisans in India create Hayabusa models out of the following materials:

* Stone (different varieties)
* Brass/Copper

My initial run will be using stone. The first few pieces will be for myself.

Finish will be a mix of glossy and texturized.

All models will be made from a single block of stone.

I should be able to specify the size per individual needs. Remember that although the size doesnt severely affect the cost of the model - shipping a very large stone item will cost a decent amount of money. I will tell you what size is the best compromise after speaking with the artisans.

I need input on these points:

1. What poses should I aim for? I can do up to 3 types of poses if several people are interested. Please make a poll for the top 2 or 3 poses of rider and hayabusa together and send me the winning pictures to my email address:

guru at gurushankar dot com

2. Which areas of the model should be gloss and which should be rough stone. The gloss is basically the same stone but polished.

3. Should I aim for bike alone...or bike + rider

The only reference I will have are the pictures you email me AND the Tamiya model that I have with me. If anyone is willing to donate a Tamiya model (not now...only if necessary) it may allow me to speed up the process by involving more than 1 artisan.




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Bike alone for me...
I am interested...
Let me know when more details are available...


I am not looking for buyers - I am looking for ideas. When I am ready for the orders I will post about it.

Right now - give me ideas. Pictures of the "pose" you want to see. Discuss the "finish options" and where you want polished stone and where you want rough stone...

I have my own ideas but I want to hear what you guys want.

Focus on the stone model for now. The stone needs to be done first as it is the mould for the brass models.

One more thing - apparently rather hard to separate the bike from the "floor" on smaller models because of the nature of the stone. I will find the minimum stone size that we need to use to make this possible so that only the two wheels and side-stand touch the ground.



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It sounds like it could be pretty neat. Yes, I used the word neat folks. At least I didn't say "neat-o".

I think one with a rider would look really good. In fact, people might think one with a rider would be neat-o!

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