need help.


first i am gonna try and post some pics. i got my handy stands in the mail today.
i am replacing my front fender with a new one. i have all the hex screws out, but there are some lines that run behind the fender and they are attached. the question is what is the easiest way to get them off of the fender so i can put the new one on.? it apears that i will have to put the peices that are holding them on(the lines) back on the new fender that i have. please help..
That front fender is a mojor pain to take off. Whose tabs hold the brakelines. To secure the line they used split rubber groments. Spray those with a little soapy water and work them out with your fingers. After that take out the 6 4mil allen bolts and your fender should be pretty free by now. then take the fender by one side tilt it up and wiggle . a lot of wiggiling. Itle pop and and put the new one on in reverse fasion...
i have all the allen bolts out it is just the pieces holding the brake lines.... ill try the soapy water.

any other suggestions ?
if you cant get the lines out with soapy water try bending the tabs a little bit up with your thumbs (they are really snug) the tabs are metal and have a little give to them
the best advice i have is to be patient with it so you sont scratch it other than that a little muscle and finesse and shell pop right out
by the wy busafr... saw your bike in the posting pics. nice black and blue . i like the carbon can it looks good.