need help


Hi guys

Actuality I made wheels for my hayabusa 2013 and I made the front wheel with only left hub but I did not recognize it’s ABS system.

So I don’t know how I remove the right caliper without make any problem in the system?

would you please guys help me I am stuck. I don’t know even how to remove the regular one also actuality.
not sure how to bypass that sensor, but I guess you could lengthen the wire and move it to the other caliper if possible
Unfortunately there is very little info on the 2013/14 abs here.
The abs is a stand alone unit also, as it is not controlled by the Busa's ecu.

I know that there was one company manufacturing aftermarket wheels for the 13/14 Busas.
I do not remember who though, I'll have to look around.
They would be one of few who could answer the question.
There were posts here from similar issues.
I’m still looking for solution for that.
but I think I should keep the sensor with the seat without hub maybe it’s work I will see.
I saw garwood custom cycles made one like this but I’m still looking how they did it.

thank you guys for supporting