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Well as most of you know I just got my 08 back. Well today I get a call from the I.R.S. to tell me "your being audited". Since my financial status has took a big hit. I am forced to make a big decision:banghead:! What to price my gen II for to get it gone the quickest without losing my new born for nothing! I have a gen I already decked out that will have to suffice until the smoke clears. Any help would be much appreciated:unhappy:


I'm outta here!!!!
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how many miles and any mods?

Since the price of new ones went up maybe you can still get a decent price for yours. You will more than likely lose money, but could possibly hold it to a minimum


6800 miles but 0 on new motor! lowered with roaring toyz bog bones and triple tree up front, bazzaz tuned and new tread all around


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