need help with Yoshimura full exhaust


Please help me out with this, im a noob and dont know much about this stuff. I bought a 2008 Hayabusa last month, it has a yoshimura full exhaust on it with the TRS tri-oval muffler. Now the problem is the guy i bought the bike from gutted out the muffler to make it louder, he took out all the packing in the muffler, so its basically a tin can and the bike sounds like a lawn mower with it, theres also a big hole on the muffler. I know i can just order a replacement muffler from yoshimura but i hate yoshimura pipes, they're so quiet. Would any other muffler from other manufactures fit on a yoshimura header? or do i have to get another yoshi pipe?

I also have a full Yoshi exhaust on my Gen1 and didn't like the sound or looks of the muffler either. I previously had a pair of Two Bros slip-ons and preferred the sound and looks a lot. Since the Yoshi pipe had a slightly larger pipe diameter (roughly 0.25"). I had a local welder create an adapter for me and replaced the Yoshi muffler with one of the Two Bros:

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I'm very happy now -- the growl is amazing, and I actually saw a slight HP & Torque gain on the dyno. It is pretty loud tho. If you are looking for a tame sound, this is not the way to go.

measure the outside diameter of your midpipe at end where can slides on. I have several styles of nice cans from different manufacturers..
Thanks for your help. I looked around alot and i couldnt find anything so i just decided to buy a Yoshi r55 muffler on ebay and put it on the bike. Its still not loud but it sounds and looks nice.