Need Help with Fender Eliminator Kits!!!


Just bought a Brock Exhaust (the exhaust doesn't come out from under the seat but under the right foot peg)... so all of the stock components on under tail of my 2008 Bking are coming off i.e... (huge stock exhaust covers, goofy stock Brake lights and license plate mount...) But since i'm not taking off that stuff until my exhaust gets here i don't know what type of fender eliminator kit is going to sit up under there and mount properly. Also it has to give me a brake light and turn signals. Id like to be able to order it now so when i put on my Brock exhaust i can also throw on the fender eliminator kit. Has anyone taken all the stock stuff out from under the tail in and not had under the seat mufflers? And has a kit that would fit this criteria? any help would be nice or point in the right direction for a kit that would do this

1 wheel peel

Once you remove all of the exhaust it's going to leave a gapeing hole underneath that looks like:moon: :laugh:

Ruffneck over on the B-King forum makes a nice looking carbon under tray for them and you can then use just about any tail tidy you want.
Suzuki B-King Carbon Fibre Undertray

If your not already a member there sign up. There are some members there that are running them.

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