Need Help w/ Vista Universal Throttle Lock ASAP


Hey Org,

I need you help!!! i am planning a 786mile trip to South Florida. I didn't have time to get the Throttlemeister from Pash but don't know if it would work with my Bar End Mirrors anyways. Ok heres the deal... I bought this throttle lock assure by shop it would fit my bike. It was only $35 bucks but in todays economy that can be alot. I have done everything i can to figure this thing out. I followed instructions to the T and It lock the throttle in place but so how the RPMs go down when engaged. I am so confused!!! Anyone out there have this on the Gen II that works. I need something to help me out on this trip.

Also,you didn't forget to install the rubber band did you? And screw in the 2 or 3 screws that hold band on the throttle tube.

Thats about all I can think of. Usually they are pretty straight forward those type.

That design has not changed in about 30 years.:laugh:

If you've put yers on,and it looks like his ^ install,all it can be is adjustment.

Theorhetically,the things are fool proof. No offence.:laugh:

I know i have tried everything. It looks just two brothers. I have adjusted the the clamps and everything. i used the thicker band due to the skinny one not working. It hold when engine isn't running and at half throttle but when I am riding 6 gear I am no where near half throttle doing about 70mph. I can't figure it out.... Tried tightening all the little screws to the grip it spins freely withing the metal collar. I can't see the grip spinning itself it slows down very slowly not abruptly as if you would just roll off the throttle... I trimmed my original grip thinking that is what I did wrong due to every video i have seen the person has done that.. now i need to get new grips and figure this thing out...
Heres the pic of mine....

Highly unlikely the grip is spinning on the throttle tube...but it could.

Did you use soap to re-install the grip?

I cant see it thou. This is such a straight forward almost neanderthal approach to cruise control.

Let me know when you get it figured.

I used warm water and a little soap.... Yea i know its so straight forward its killing me... I am like WTF!!!! It works perfectly when the engine isn't running but when I roll down the road. Engage it, rpms drop as well as speed.. This is going to keep me up all night...:banghead:
Thats what I am thinking too... But just ran across a thread where Pashnit couldn't get his to clamp down enough to keep the throttle down also...
Lol trie that too... Been working on this for about 4hr with different setups.. I am beginning to think I have a faulty setup... One of those rare mix ups..
i think I will take it in tomorrow and tell them to prove me wrong... I just can't figure it and I am pretty good at rigging things to work... Gotta get new grips anyways so we'll see... Thanks for the help all...
Ok so I went in the garage and gave it one last try.. The RPMs still go down, but I don't have to hold it as hard as I use too to keep at speed. I am going to get some new grips tomorrow and see how it turns out... Hope for the best but anything that will allow me release some pressure from my hand will be great. I will post my findings here tomorrow...
Ok so I woke up this morning. Suit up to head to Lejeune Motorsports to get some new grips. As I am riding I say "Hey why not try it out" And it works... I am guessing that the grips were still wet inside and was allowing the Throttle sleeve to actually roll on the inside. So I got some Spider Grips and cleaned and resprayed the bars down with hairspray. Gonna let them dry and I cross my fingers that they work... I bought new grips because I had to Trim the rubber against the started housing to get it inside the Clamp. With these new ones they are actually a pretty snug fit so I didn't have to trim anything... Florida here I come!!!:please: