Need Help Removing Front Fender

I am trying to change the front fender plastic on my 03' Busa. Seems easy but there is this metal brake line hook in the way which is also riveted to the fender. Is there some trick to squeezing the fender for the hook to clear or what? Im hoping I dont have to take the front tire off.


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To not scratch it.
You should
Remove front tire.
Use a floor jack under the header pipes or stands to lift the front.
Otherwise contact is immenent.
Meaning scatched fender.
Good luck.


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I took my tire off and still scratched the hell out of my fender but you cant see it once its bolted back on the body covers the back half of your fender


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Can be done without removing the front tire. Just have to squeeze it together as you slide it through the forks.


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if the bracket doesnt mean anything to you like mine didnt, you can drill out the pop rivets to make it easier, and if you want the bracket back on, you can always pop rivet it back on

I drilled the rivets. when I put the fender back on I used some 6/32 X 1/2 ss philiphs screws with self locking nuts to reinstall the bracket.

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