Need help -please


I was raising my bars by 1/2 inch and naturally dropped the little plastic hex bolt cover under the airbox.
Anyways I had to take the airbox out to retrieve said piece and I am now trying to figure where the heck on of the vacuum hoses go.
The hose in question is the one that connects between TB 2 and TB 3 and runs towards the back of the bike.
I cannot see where it would connect to and the manual does not show it either.
I found it. The hose connects to the IAP sensor ( I do believe that is what it is called) which is screwed into the back of the airbox. I managed to break the plastic tip off so I never could see where the hose was supposed to go. Luckily I found the plastic tip and JB Welded it back to the sensor. I hope it does the trick.
A valuable lesson learned.