need help picking a new lid


Im gonna end up getting an Aria signet x at some point. its the only one with a long oval which is what I really needed. And since they fixed those stupid pods it will be good to go. the x12 is an intermediate oval which just doesnt quite get it for me and my mongoloid head


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Helmet manufactures usually only work from a few molds. Which ever mold fits yer head (oval,round,pineapple shape,LOL) is the way to go. Shoei for me,20+ years. RF1200 last few seasons. Wear what fits and is the most comfortable,everything else matters not. Of course Snell or DOT is a good feature, mmmm...or is it?
Brain doctor specialist who worked on me thought perhaps my choice of lids was a contributing factor to my brain injury. He thought perhaps my lid was TOO HARD,TOO WELL MADE. His theory: Helmet manufacturers make their helmets to overcome rediculas specs and expectations. They drop them from 50 stories up,drive over them with an' 18-wheeler,set fire to them...kiddin'.
Are you better off in a head on collision in a giant 1950 Cadillac with a giant steel frame that doesn't budge on impact...or a new Toyota with "crumple zones." Are helmets too hard? Is transferring all of that bad energy from impact directly to your brain a good thing?
Did my over-engineered helmet contribute to my brain injury?

Read some of my threads/posts and make your own judgement. :crazy: :shocked: :shocked:...:laugh:

Sweet dreams my brothers. Rubb.


I replaced my very heavy Scorpion 1000 with a HJC RHPA 11 and I am very impressed with its lightness. A little noisy but very good airflow.
I find my HJC RPHA to be lighter than my older HJC it replaced.

When I was at the bike shop picking out the RPHA, I noticed many helmet brands were heavier according to my lifting scales anyway...


I used a Shoei GT-Air for a few year but, to me, the airflow on it is horrendous. Plus, I find the internal visor useless (but that's just me). I picked up a HJC RPHA 11 Pro a while back and the difference in airflow and weight is significant. The only thing is that the Shoei is so much more comfortable. I have been wanting to try Arai so bad, but I don't really feel like spending that much money on a helmet since I already have two perfectly fine helmets.


Okay definitely an old thread but most people doing a “helmet” search will probably end up stopping by. Regardless - this is a UK source but it has tons of helpful info on current (2020) helmets from almost all of the top manufacturers.... ps - I ended up going with a Nolan and am very happy with it :)

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