Need help on paint


Does anyone know the color code for the 03 burnt orange? House of Kolor discontinued the orange I was looking at. Now I need a new one.

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The codes will not be out for a while and it is hard to match without seeing it first-hand.

I imagine you could start with BC11 red base and use DP26Z2 orange dry pearl.
I do not have the color chips, so that is just shot in the dark. Once you see it live, you should be able to match it using a base color/pearl combination. Or just wait for Color Rite to have it available and order it pre-mixed.
I am considering this orange with a little blue ice pearl. I have to come up with something by the time the paint store opens.

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its close, but the Z is more rust/copper than burnt orange.

If you can find a paint shop with Sikkens color chip books, you will find it. That is the most complete set of color chips I've ever seen.